Snowpocalypse Now: Survival Stories #1 | Zombie Book Club Podcast Episode 40

Send us a Text Message. Ever found yourself in a battle for your literal survival? That's what we're unpacking in our 40th milestone episode of the Zombie Book Club. Strap on your snowshoes for a wild ride from harrowing tales of a snowpocalypse, to the everyday resilience needed to juggle a physically demanding job and … Read more

Daryl Dixon goes to France for some reason | Zombie Book Club Podcast Episode 37

Send us a Text Message. Hold on to your baguettes, because we're dissecting “Daryl Dixon”, where we follow Daryl from The Walking Dead as he stumbles into zombified France in his own spin off. We're peeling back the layers of character development and questioning whether the series is losing its human touch amidst the gore, … Read more

ZombieWEEN GameShow!!! | Zombie Book Club Episode 21

Send us a Text Message. Would you rather fight one horse-sized zombie or 100 duck-sized zombies? Well, get ready for our zombie game show inspired by Hollywood Squares and Snatch Game.  This episode of Zombie Book Club is a hilarious rollercoaster ride into the world of zombie apocalypses. We have on board with us Laurie … Read more

The Girl with All the Gifts (Book and Movie Review) | Zombie Book Club Episode 20

Send us a Text Message. This week on Zombie Book Club, our journey kicks off with “The Girl With All The Gifts” by M.R. Carey. An intriguing zombie novel that dishes up a dangerous fungus and a diverse cast of characters. We dissect the two types of zombies in the book and how they challenge … Read more

World War Z – Book vs. Movie | Zombie Book Club #10

Send us a Text Message. Wondering how the World War Z movie stacks up against the book? Tune into our Zombie Book Club podcast's 10th episode for a deep dive into the action-packed journey, the highly-motivated zombies, and the implications of the white savior trope. We also discuss our favorite stories from the book and … Read more