Snowpocalypse Now: Survival Stories #1 | Zombie Book Club Podcast Episode 40

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Ever found yourself in a battle for your literal survival? That's what we're unpacking in our 40th milestone episode of the Zombie Book Club. Strap on your snowshoes for a wild ride from harrowing tales of a snowpocalypse, to the everyday resilience needed to juggle a physically demanding job and a passion for podcasting. 

There's a raw authenticity as we peel back the layers of navigating work with disabilities, a journey riddled with PTSD and physical injuries. The conversation takes a turn from personal revelations to broader societal reflections, examining the precarious balance many face with health and financial stability. Diving into the challenges of maintaining creativity and consistency, we share the behind-the-scenes struggles of keeping a podcast like ours afloat during the tough paving season. 

Dan shares his story of survival, a tale of ice, snow, subzero temperatures, 60mph wind, and the lives of animals that depend on him. We also share a survival story from a longtime listener that showcases the harsh realities of simply being alive.  We're not just recounting our battles with the cold, but also inviting you into the fold, SEND US YOUR SURVIVAL STORIES and maybe we will feature it in a future episode!

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