What Makes ‘The Ones Who Live’ So Compelling? | Zombie Book Club Podcast ep 43

Send us a Text Message. Welcome to another gripping episode of the Zombie Book Club! This week, hosts Dan and Leah dive deep into the complex world of “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,” a thrilling post-apocalyptic drama that continues the saga of beloved characters while introducing us to new, challenging environments. As totalitarian … Read more

Daryl Dixon goes to France for some reason | Zombie Book Club Podcast Episode 37

Send us a Text Message. Hold on to your baguettes, because we're dissecting “Daryl Dixon”, where we follow Daryl from The Walking Dead as he stumbles into zombified France in his own spin off. We're peeling back the layers of character development and questioning whether the series is losing its human touch amidst the gore, … Read more