ZombieWEEN GameShow!!! | Zombie Book Club Episode 21

Send us a Text Message. Would you rather fight one horse-sized zombie or 100 duck-sized zombies? Well, get ready for our zombie game show inspired by Hollywood Squares and Snatch Game.  This episode of Zombie Book Club is a hilarious rollercoaster ride into the world of zombie apocalypses. We have on board with us Laurie … Read more

Another Zombie Apocalypse with special guest Joshua Grant (Interview) | Zombie Book Club #8

Send us a Text Message. We sit down with Joshua Grant also known as Diabolic Shrimp, author of the mind bending multiverse scifi zombie apocalypse comic “Another Zombie Apocalypse”. Joshua is an insanely fascinating person, and his writing follows suit. Another Zombie Apocalypse:  https://a.co/d/f6mjp5v Joshua Grants website: https://diabolicshrimp.com/ Follow our linktree for social media links, … Read more