Zombie Nerd and the Half-Term Harrowing with Author Jack Callaghan | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 52

Send us a Text Message. Author Jack Callaghan joins us in a lively discussion as we unpack his thrilling young adult novel, “Zombie Nerd and the Half-Term Harrowing.” Broadcasting from an underground government facility, Jack shares his creative process and the nostalgic childhood influences that shaped his vivid storytelling. Discover how unique swear words like … Read more

‘Black Summer’ is Traumatic | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 51

Send us a Text Message. Join us as we explore the bleak world of “Black Summer,” the Netflix sensation born from the creators of Z Nation. We'll introduce you to the show's key characters—Rose, Spears, Sun, and Anna—whose unpredictable fates and resilience will keep you glued to the screen. Brace yourself for the relentless pace … Read more

Zombie Love Child Turns 50 | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 50

Send us a Text Message. Our Zombie Love Child is turning 50…. EPISODES!!! What an incredible milestone we celebrate together as we speak from the heart about our community of zombie book enthusiasts that has grown around us. We are so happy we have connected with you, our listeners, reminisce about the friends we have … Read more

Fallout Season 1: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 49

Send us a Text Message. Join us as we dive into the Amazon Prime series “Fallout”.  We delve into the ethical dilemmas, societal changes, and rich lore of the “Fallout” universe and navigate the experimental vaults, retro-futuristic corporations, and the striking parallels between “Fallout's” world and our own. In this episode, we journey through the … Read more

HOA Drama Can Prepare You for the Zombie Apocalypse | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 48

Send us a Text Message. Have you ever wondered how the petty drama of your HOA meetings could prepare you for surviving a zombie apocalypse? Join us for a hilarious journey as we dissect the bizarre similarities between our homeowners association and a post-apocalyptic survivor group. We talk about our evolving feelings toward our HOA … Read more