10 Luxuries We’d Yearn for in a Zombie Wasteland | Casual Dead | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 46

Send us a Text Message. Join Dan and Leah as they dive into a hilariously unplanned discussion about the top 10 luxuries they'd miss in a zombie apocalypse. From the irreplaceable comforts of the internet and cars to the nostalgic warmth of the Hartland Diner, this episode is a whimsical exploration of the simple pleasures … Read more

Path of the Pale Rider – with Laurie Calcaterra | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 45

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United States of the Apocalypse | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 44

Send us a Text Message. Embarking on the path to American citizenship is like navigating a thorny maze, complete with pitfalls and the occasional glimmer of hope. Leah's trek through this labyrinth has been a tale of persistence, dotted with absurdities only Dan's wit could dress up in comedic garb. We peel back the layers … Read more

What Makes ‘The Ones Who Live’ So Compelling? | Zombie Book Club Podcast ep 43

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Survival Against All Odds: Escaping Blizzards, Abuse, and Near-Death Experiences – Survival Stories #2| Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 42

Send us a Text Message. Welcome to the “Zombie Book Club,” the podcast where Dan and Leah meet in their zombie bunker to discuss zombies, spreadsheets, and survival stories. In this episode, Dan shares his progress on writing about resilient people surviving a zombie outbreak. Meanwhile, Leah talks about her book club spreadsheets, detailing representation … Read more