#Alive: Isolation, Bad Choices and Acrobatic Zombies | Zombie Book Club Podcast Episode 41

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Welcome to this thrilling episode of the Zombie Book Club, where today, we're not just surviving a zombie apocalypse from the comfort of our couches but also dissecting the South Korean sensation, #Alive. Directed by Cho Il-hyung and starring Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye, this film takes us on a nerve-wracking ride with Oh Joon-woo, a gamer trapped in his apartment during a terrifying outbreak. With no one but his digital connections to keep him company, Joon-woo must navigate the dangers of isolation, fast-moving zombies, and the existential dread of a world turned upside down.

Join your hosts, Dan and Leah, as they explore the various elements that make #Alive a must-watch for zombie enthusiasts. From the acrobatic undead and gripping survival strategies to the poignant themes of connection and resilience, we cover it all. We'll also dive into the movie's adherence to various media representation tests like the Bechdel, DuVernay, Vito Russo, and Fries tests, discussing where it excels and where it could improve.

Today's episode is packed with analysis, humor, and some existential questioning—perfect for breakfast discussions or late-night musings. And remember, while subscribing might seem dumb when you're barricading against zombies, in our world, it's what keeps the conversations alive! So, tune in, and let's find out if Dan and Leah would trap people to feed each other in a true zombie love scenario.

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