Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Lessons from Baby Animals | Zombie Book Club #12

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What can we learn from baby animals to survive the zombie apocalypse? In this fascinating conversation, we uncover the extraordinary survival skills of various animals like octopuses, orangutans, beavers, and elephants, and discuss how we can apply their creativity, adaptability, and resilience to enhance our own chances of survival. Join us as we share life updates, our excitement for the growth of our Zombie Book Club, and our four-part strategy series to help our friend Eric build his interior design business.

From the mesmerizing intelligence and camouflage capabilities of octopuses to the tree-climbing and foraging skills of orangutans, we explore numerous ways to improve our survival techniques. Discover the incredible engineering feats of beavers and how their dam-building expertise can help us withstand a zombie-infested world. We also touch on the importance of cute animals in our lives and how they can serve as a coping strategy in dark times, as well as the effects of climate change on the environment.

In the final segment of our captivating discussion, we delve into the survival tips we can learn from the animal kingdom, such as the food storage strategies of squirrels and the adaptive camouflage of Chameleons. We also discuss the importance of community and kindness, as demonstrated by the loving behavior of elephants, and how winter tires can be repurposed as bulletproof clothing. So tune in to this engaging episode and become a better survivor by taking cues from the incredible baby animals around us!

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Follow our linktree for social media links, and links to all the places you can find our podcast!

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