Billionaire Bunkers: How the Disgustingly Rich Plan to Outlive Us All | Zombie Book Club #13

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Ever wondered what the super-rich are doing with their wealth to ensure their survival in a potential dystopian future? Buckle up as we, your hosts Dan and Leah, leave no stone unturned to reveal the fascinating world of billionaire bunkers and luxury apocalypse preparation. We'll explore the irony and hilarity in the ultra-rich gearing up for an apocalypse, possibly of their own making, and fantasize about a crowd of 'zombies' eager to consume their wealth.

As we journey through this episode, we dive into an intense discussion on the best bunker locations and the strategies to infiltrate these luxury hideouts. But it's not all serious; we add a touch of whimsy imagining ourselves as bunker invaders while also considering the moral ramifications of hoarding resources during a crisis. The intriguing initiatives of JC Cole, the former president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, to restore regional food security, also finds a place in our chat.

But what's a discussion without some laughter? We share a comedic take on the recent Ocean Gate submarine fiasco that saw five billionaires meet a watery end. This mishap, besides being a source of amusement, also prompts us to reflect on the public response, the irony of the situation, and the wider implications of such events on our society. So, join us for this rollercoaster episode, and we promise you an entertaining and thought-provoking time.

Article by Douglas Rushkoff called “The super-rich ‘preppers’ planning to save themselves from the apocalypse” 

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