Train to Busan: From Selfishness to Survival | Zombie Book Club #11

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What happens when the undead take over a speeding train, and how can a father-daughter relationship survive the apocalypse? That's what we'll explore in our thrilling discussion of the Korean zombie movie, “Train to Busan.” Get ready for a wild ride as we talk about the heart-wrenching bonds between characters, the theme of altruism versus selfishness, and the terrifying ferocity of the zombies chasing them.

We'll also dive into the unique aspects of South Korean zombie cinema, including zombie animals and the creative twists that set this film apart from its Western counterparts. We'll analyze the transformation of the father figure from selfish to selfless, and how the movie's characters embody different aspects of humanity – from the extreme selfishness of the CEO character to the selfless heroism of the blue-collar worker. Along the way, we'll touch on the consequences of capitalism and the moral dilemmas the movie presents, like the main character's decision to bail out the biotech company responsible for the outbreak.

Finally, we'll explore the portrayal of female characters in the movie and the implications of passing the Bechdel Test. We'll discuss the importance of better representation in stories and the need for a more inclusive narrative that addresses issues like racism and misogyny. And of course, we'll wrap up with our zombie survival tips and our final thoughts on “Train to Busan” as a whole. So grab your popcorn and join us, Dan and Leah, for this exciting and thought-provoking episode of Zombie Book Club!

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