United States of the Apocalypse | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 44

Send us a Text Message. Embarking on the path to American citizenship is like navigating a thorny maze, complete with pitfalls and the occasional glimmer of hope. Leah's trek through this labyrinth has been a tale of persistence, dotted with absurdities only Dan's wit could dress up in comedic garb. We peel back the layers … Read more

We were the LAST to watch The Last of US | Zombie Book Club #14

Send us a Text Message. We dove deep into the HBO series, The Last of Us. Join us, Leah and Dan, as we discuss the compelling narrative of this show and the unique science behind the cordyceps fungus, a real-life creature that controls its host's body. Being an Xbox diehard, this was Dan and Leah's … Read more