United States of the Apocalypse | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 44

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Embarking on the path to American citizenship is like navigating a thorny maze, complete with pitfalls and the occasional glimmer of hope. Leah's trek through this labyrinth has been a tale of persistence, dotted with absurdities only Dan's wit could dress up in comedic garb. We peel back the layers of paperwork and process, revealing personal stories from Leah's Canadian upbringing to the poignant struggles of maintaining one's identity amidst a bureaucratic whirlwind. All the while, we serve up a side of banter to keep our spirits aloft in the face of work-life imbalances and the peculiar absence of a vacation mindset in the “land of the free.”

As we meander through the minefield of immigration challenges, we dip our toes into the murky waters of the potential dystopian future of America. Will AI enforcers roam the streets, and will climate change ravage our cherished coffee beans? We consider the political undercurrents of today's America, weighing in on the significance of activism and the power of community in shaping a brighter future. From tales of protest to the nuances of tribal sovereignty, we uncover the multifaceted reality of American life, inviting listeners to join our candid conversation. Join us for an episode that will make you laugh, ponder, and perhaps even find solace in the shared journey of navigating life's unpredictable waypoints.

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