MR.GUY: ZOMBIE HUNTER with Jayel and Lynsey from Oneshi Press | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep47

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Have you ever considered aspic as a survival food in a zombie apocalypse? Join us for a lively conversation with Jayel Draco and Lynsey G, the creative masterminds behind “Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter” and founders of Oneshi Press.

We discover the heartwarming and serendipitous journey of Lynsey and Jayel, whose chance meeting and shared vision led to the creation of Oneshi Press. From their first encounter at Penn Station to navigating creative collaboration and inclusivity in media, their story is one of mutual support and shared vision. We delve into the developmental stages of Oneshi Press, ask their advice for new creators, and explore the eclectic nature of Mr. Guy’s character.

This episode offers a window into their quirky, creative partnership, packed with humor, intriguing ideas, and culinary curiosities, making for an entertaining and thought-provoking listen.


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