10 Luxuries We’d Yearn for in a Zombie Wasteland | Casual Dead | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 46

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Join Dan and Leah as they dive into a hilariously unplanned discussion about the top 10 luxuries they'd miss in a zombie apocalypse. From the irreplaceable comforts of the internet and cars to the nostalgic warmth of the Hartland Diner, this episode is a whimsical exploration of the simple pleasures that keep us sane. Leah also celebrates her newfound U.S. citizenship with a morning toast, leading to humorous reflections on life expectancy, IQ, and blood pressure changes. Dan updates us on his relentless quest to afford snacks and his latest writing adventures in a world where the dead crave more than just brains.

In this episode, we tackle everything from the necessity of dental care and the joy of chocolate and coffee to the oddity of imagining a post-apocalyptic podcast. They also revisit memorable moments from “The Walking Dead,” offering fresh insights and laughs. With Leah's new hobby of drawing zombie portraits and Dan's musings on the community warmth of the Heartland Diner, this episode blends creative chaos with heartfelt humor. Tune in for a ride through life's trials and tribulations, where even in a zombie wasteland, our collective journey finds solace in shared laughter and absurdity. Subscribe now and join the fun every Sunday!

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