“Planet Dead” Interview with author Sylvester Barzey | Zombie Book Club Podcast Episode 35

Send us a Text Message. Join us as we delve into “Planet Dead,” a thrilling exploration of a post-apocalyptic world that masterfully blends dark comedy with the stark realities of survival, featuring formidable Black heroines and unforgettable clown cannibals. Sylvester gives us insight into the inspirations behind this gripping tale, including the societal reflections that … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg is building a $270M bunker to escape the ZombdeerPocalypse! | Casual Dead | Zombie Book Club Podcast Episode 27

Send us a Text Message. Join hosts Dan and Leah as they introduce the “Casual Dead”; the Podcast within the podcast within the book club. Dan shares his recent social media misadventure, a thread that spiraled into a chaotic debate, and contemplates a career shift to social media management. Leah, on the other hand, talks … Read more