Fallout Season 1: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun | Zombie Book Club Podcast Ep 49

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Join us as we dive into the Amazon Prime series “Fallout”.  We delve into the ethical dilemmas, societal changes, and rich lore of the “Fallout” universe and navigate the experimental vaults, retro-futuristic corporations, and the striking parallels between “Fallout's” world and our own.

In this episode, we journey through the Brotherhood of Steel's technocentric quests, explore gray morality, and ponder the future of beauty standards if ghoulification became common. We also examine intricate societies within the series, including the Brotherhood's fascination with mundane technology and the potential for cyborg-based groups in future seasons.

Laugh along as we recount entertaining scenes, such as a Brotherhood member's naive misunderstanding about male arousal, and delve into deeper themes of military indoctrination, corporate morality, and privilege. We critique potential plot inconsistencies and retcons, reflecting on our own experiences and societal narratives.

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